Let’s make water a citizen and political priority

Understand the issues and commit to water resources

In 2050, 40% of the world’s population will be confronted with a lack of water

Climate change

In 2050, 1 out of every 2 metropolises in the world could face water shortages


In France, about 50% of the water consumed is used for corn irrigation

Resignation of public authorities

The equivalent of 430 000 Olympic swimming pools is lost each year due to leaks in the French water systems


80% of the world’s wastewater is discharged directly into the environment

In the face of water crises, what do we do ?

Discover and be inspired by innovative initiatives 


We are 26 years old and part of a generation will face climate change and its consequences in the future.  We are convinced that water is the challenge of our century.

Inspired by the film “Demain”, we want to highlight the problems but also, and above all, the solutions. This is how we will look at those who, on their own scale, are taking action to preserve and better manage water resources.

To the Americas ! Crisis and solutions laboratory


 The South and North American countries are facing multiple water crises: droughts, pollution of groundwater and rivers, monopolization of resources, difficulty in accessing drinking water, etc…

Geographical and cultural diversity, the plurality of development models and strong economic disparities make it possible to approach crises and solutions in a multitude of ways.

Each initiative will be the subject of a short and impactful pedagogical video

These videos will be produced as the trip progresses and will be available for free on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)

Community management 

Putting citizens and communities back at the heart of water management

Mode of consumption

Think and adapt your consumption to reduce its impact on resources

Citizen mobilization

Commit and mobilize for water resources

Technological innovation

Putting technological progress at the service of sustainable water management

Rethinking agriculture

Reduce the impact of agriculture on water resources

Public Policy

Use public authorities’ tools to better manage and protect water

To go further, a long-format documentary

Produced at the end of the project, this documentary will propose a more global reflection on the means and tools at our disposal to preserve and better manage water resources. It will also allow us to meet citizens through various public and free screenings